Winter Spring Algarve Cycling Tours

Challenging Cycling Holidays Algarve

With its excellent weather conditions and a network of varied, amazing quiet roads, the Algarve cycling tours are the ideal destination for cycling training and quality riding during the winter / spring months of Europe.  With a variety of the very best endurance and climbing routes available during your Algarve cycling vacation in the sun of southern Portugal. Join your experienced cycling team with 20 years international cycling and racing experience for your next challenging cycling vacation. For the avid cyclist looking for a true test we also offer our breathtaking altitude SERRA DA ESTRELA CYCLING TOUR

Algarve Cycling Tours

Start each day with the sun rising ready for a great day in the saddle. Fully charged heading out of town at the perfect pace, nothing could be better than the quiet country roads of the Algarve, small undulations and twisting roads are everywhere. Once in a rhythm the kilometers/miles flow by with ease as we pass Portuguese villages that haven’t changed in many years.  Enjoy the challenge of riding in this new and natural landscape with its changing terrain the perfect cycling motivation.
Looking for a coffee-break to keep legs turning, a hidden cafe is always available with the PB team who know the Algarve roads like the back of their hand! Great training rides also deserve time to recover and chill Portugal style, as we return to your hotel to relax and get ready for another perfect Algarve cycling ride tomorrow.

Amazing Algarve Cycling Holidays

With quality riding on offer each day on the sunny roads of the Algarve keep your legs turning through the cold wet European months! Maintain your cycling condition and top up your fitness ready for a great year of cycling ahead.  The natural setting of the Algarve offers the perfect setting for your next cycling holiday.  Portugal a great destination to visit both on and off the bike.

Algarve cycling tours can be tailored to your current experience and ability or cycling goals, get ready to experience unique ride routes all in one terrific cycling week with the PB Tours cycling professionals in the Algarve Southern Portugal.

Highest Point In Portugal Cycling Challenge!

ChallengingALTITUDE CYCLING the ultimate test for your legs and eyes in the natural beauty of the Serra da Estrela mountain range.

Altitude Cycling Portugal
Tour Type question mark-01

Challenging Bike Tour

Cycling Guided question mark-01

PB Cycling Guides & Support Vehicle

Small Group

8 Guests

Cycling Level question mark-01

Challenging 95km / 59mi per day

Packages question mark-01

4* Beach Hotel  AU$ 3168 pp
4* Hotel  AU$ 3066 pp
Rides Only:
No Accommodation  AU$ 2366 pp

Custom Tour question mark-01

Contact Us:
Request a private, customised version of this tour for yourself or cycling group.

Centre Based Cycling

Portimao, Portugal

Season question mark-01

November – May


7 Nights / 8 Days


585km / 360mi


7,575m / 25,000ft

Add-Ons question mark 01

Single Occupancy  AU$ 647
Bike Hire  AU$ 450

Algarve Centre Based Cycling

The Perfect Cycling Base for your road cycling vacation

The PB Tours team have been turning the pedals on the roads of Portugal since 2013 with an amazing choice of ride routes ideal for you in the sunny Algarve.

Riding in all directions you are in the hub of this secret European cycling destination. Great bike rides require the perfect environment with a variety of terrain, challenges, and directions.  If you are anything like Practice Bicycle who can’t get enough of cycling, it’s the constant changing views, landscapes that keeps us asking for more!

It could be the Cape St. Vincent coastline and the tip of Europe.  The Serra de Monchique Mountain range and the challenge of Foia (902m / 3000ft) the highest point of the Algarve or one of the many smaller challenges around this forest mountain range.  The undulating hinterland with a network of quiet traffic free roads.
The choice is endless with the Algarve cycling tours, Portugal.

My week with you inspired me to get me prepared for the New England Road Race championship, the New England Time Trial championship, and the Green Mountain Stage Race. I won the 50-59 Road Race title, as well as the 50-54 TT. I finished 3rd on GC at GMSR in the 50+ field, with a 4th place in the TT stage, and 3rd in the RR. It was a great second half of the season.
There's no doubt in my mind that my week in the Algarve with Practice Bicycle was a significant factor in my success. I'd love to come back and ride with you again!
Testimonial by A. Potter – USA
A. Potter – USA

Dates & Price

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Looking for specific dates?

If you want to travel on different dates, don’t hesitate to contact us about arranging a custom Algarve Cycling Vacation!

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Algarve Road Cycling Itinerary

Total Distance 585km / 360mi, Total Elevation 7,575m / 25,000ft

Challenging bike rides distance 80-110km / 50-68mi, suitable for regular and avid bike riders.
Algarve Cycling Tour
Arrival Day in Portimao / Praia da Rocha
Welcome to Portimao / Praia da Rocha and your Algarve Cycling Tour.
Today is your arrival day in the sunny Algarve the Southernmost region of Portugal the ideal destination for a quality week of cycling in the Winter / Spring seasons of Europe.
Your package includes a transfer from Faro Airport (Portugal) to your hotel. Once checked-in, relax and take the time to unwind from your travels ready for an amazing week of cycling, enjoy the spectacular views of Praia da Rocha (Beaches and Rocks) the stunning coastline of the Algarve.
Algarve Cycling Tour
Alto da Foia
Epic Ride Route
Distance 95km / 60mi
Ascent 1500m / 4900ft
Alto da Foia (903m) Cat1 – 7.3km @ 6%
Picota (565m) Cat2 – 6km @ 6.5%
Start the week in style with fresh legs and the climb to the summit of the Algarve with Alto da Foia (903m), there are several routes to the summit and the PB cycling experience specialises in making your rides the very best. Why do one climb if you can do two, warm up your legs and enjoy the steppingstones whilst enjoying incredible views from the Serra Monchique Mountain Range.
Algarve Cycling Tour
Vincentina Coast
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 110km / 68mi
Ascent 1000m / 3300ft
The endurance rides offer flatter terrain and have been specifically designed to keep the elevation to a moderate level under 1000m / 3300ft. Quality undulating roads showcase the amazing network of great cycling roads that are available during your cycling vacation. Passing by popular tourist resorts we wake up our legs on a selection of roller coasters before heading to the wind turbines way in the distance as we follow the Atlantic Coast and the natural tranquility of great cycling together.
Algarve Cycling Tour
Epic Ride Route
Distance 105km / 65mi
Ascent 1550m / 5100ft
Monchique (410m) cat3 – 7.5km @ 4%
Alferce (344m) cat3 – 13.8km @ 4%
The Algarve network of quiet and testing cycling roads is only limited by your own cycling ability. Enjoy the challenge of this amazing landscape into the Algarve hinterland, behind the mountains and among the reservoirs and forests the wilderness of quiet roads, perfect for your own Algarve cycling week with the PB team. Stop for that well deserved coffee break with perfect recovery the endless climbing opportunities just keeps coming!
Algarve Cycling Tour
Baro S Joao
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 80km / 50mi
Ascent 750m / 2500ft
With three days of ideal climbing, it’s now time to kick back a gear today and turn your legs a little easier. Get your breath back and explore the quite roads that pass among the rural landscape between the Ocean and Mountains. It’s a maze of roads, a perfect environment to chill and discover the pleasure of great cycling together and grab a coffee off the beaten path of life!
Algarve Cycling Tour
Serra do Caldeirao
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 95km / 59mi
Ascent 875m / 2900ft
The undulating roads of the Eastern Algarve hinterland is our goal for the day as we pass by the Arade reservoir and into the hills of the Serra do Caldeirao. You’re getting in the groove with your Algarve cycling vacation and kilometers pass by easier and easier, many of these perfect cycling roads don’t show up on maps although with PB you can explore the very best of them. Some of which are also used by the professional racing peloton in the Volta Algarve stage race each February.
Push on back through the orange farms and keep your legs turning with the cool breeze of the Atlantic coast.
Algarve Cycling Tour
Serra Monchique
Epic Ride Route
Distance 100km / 62mi
Ascent 1440m / 4700ft
Selao (485m) cat2 – 5.9km @ 5%
Romeiras (350m) cat3 – 4.5km @ 5%
Alto da Foia (903m) Cat1 – 7.3km @ 6%
Heading in a variety of directions with your PB training rides turns a good cycling week into an unbelievable cycling vacation. Make the most of our final ride together with several options available, take on a couple of climbs today with testing and twisting roads on both sides of the Algarve’s perfect climbing range the Serra Monchique Mountain. The natural landscape with its amazing views makes this your ideal Winter / Spring cycling destination and keeps you wanting more!
Algarve Cycling Tour
Departure Day from Portimao / Praia da Rocha
Departure day from Portimao / Praia da Rocha and It’s time for the recovery to begin with the end of your Algarve Cycling Tour. Your Practice Bicycle private transfer will take you to Faro Airport (Portugal) this morning, we wish you great cycling until we Practice Bicycle together again.

Algarve Cycling Tour Itinerary:
Week Total Distance 585km / 360mi with Total Elevation 7,575m / 25,000ft.

*The itinerary comprises a selection of challenging and epic ride routes, our extensive local knowledge of the roads of the Algarve allows for flexibility or route changes as required!

Tour Arrival & Departure Meet Point: Faro Airport (Portugal).

Algarve Cycling Tours are based on the amazing cycling roads surrounding the town of Portimao / Praia da Rocha in the sunny Algarve, Portugal. This tour package includes airport pick-up and drop-off to your hotel (3.00pm arrival/ midday departure days).

The closest airport to Portimao is Faro Airport (Portugal) situated in the south of Portugal and serviced directly from Lisbon, Geneva, Paris, London, Dublin, Munich & Amsterdam by many airlines including EasyJetAer LingusBritish AirwaysTAP PortugalLufthansa and Ryanair.

For international guests arriving in the capital city Lisbon (Portugal), join Practice Bicycle Tours in the town of Portimao / Praia da Rocha by the following options:

Air Travel: Many major airlines operate international flights to Lisbon Airport (Portugal) including: EmiratesBritish AirwaysDeltaAer LingusUnitedAir Canada with connecting flights to Faro Airport (Portugal).

Bus Travel: Public bus transport operates between Lisbon Oriente and Portimao with a coach service from Rede Expressos and also Flixbus
(For ease with the Bus Service, we highly recommend a taxi ride 10mins from Lisbon Aiport to the bus depot to catch the connecting bus to Portimao).

Train Travel: Rail Service Network operates between Lisbon and Portimao
(Our recommendation Lisbon Oriente Station-Tunes change trains-Portimao approx travel time 5.30hrs)

Car Travel: Many worldwide Car Rental companies are also available and the A12 – A2 Portuguese motorway network will bring you directly to Portimao / Praia da Rocha.

The Algarve Cycling Tour offers a choice of 4* Hotel Accommodation at Praia da Rocha, on the outskirts of the centre of Portimao, the ideal location to relax with your Portugal cycling vacation.

The 4* Oriental Beach Hotel is our first choice of stay. This class establishment with it’s quiet atmosphere superb relaxation in luxury surrounds, right on the beach!

The 4* Jupiter Algarve Hotel conveniently located close to an endless choice of bars, restaurants & shops, with a short walk to the beach.

4* Oriental Beach Hotel

4 Star Oriental Beach Hotel Praia da Rocha              4 Star Oriental Beach Hotel Side Sea View Room              4 Star Oriental Beach Hotel Buffet Breakfast

4* Jupiter Algarve Hotel

4 Star Jupiter Algarve Hotel Praia da Rocha                 4 Star Jupiter Algarve Hotel Praia da Rocha Premium Room Frontal Sea View                4 Star Jupiter Algarve Hotel Praia da Rocha A La Carte Buffet Breakfast

Algarve Cycling Tours welcomes you in style with Dinner of the very best local flavours of the Algarve.
Please note that drinks are not included in this trip package.

Your 4* Hotel Accommodation has a brilliant restaurant offering dinner each evening, a convenient option available to you with your bike tour.

With a world of ‘individuality’ today, this is the perfect cycling tour for you to choose when to eat, what to eat and where to eat!
Whatever your preference, you will find more than a weeks’ choice of restaurant/pubs and cafes to satisfy all tastes! All within walking distance from your hotel (for the tired legs!)

Cafe/Cake stops are facilitated during each days ride.

If you prefer to arrange your own stay in Portimao / Praia da Rocha, with its comprehensive selection of hotels and apartment accommodation for the complete flexible cycling holiday.
The ‘Rides Only’ package offers a challenging cycling week without using our accommodation, come to the rides just like you would back home!
Each day you will join the PB Team at a Portimao meeting point. Meet your ride leader and experience a variety of ideal rides to maximize your cycling on the warm roads of Europe’s cycling destination the Algarve, Portugal.

What’s included:
* 6 challenging rides in the sunny Algarve the perfect Winter / Spring cycling experience!
* Welcome Algarve feast restaurant dinner perfect preparation for your cycling week
* Variety of spectacular routes including the coastline, interior & mountains
* Highly experienced PB Algarve ride leader
* Sports drinks & nutritional bars
* Support vehicle for the daily rides
* Airport pick-up & drop-off Faro Airport (Portugal) to Praia da Rocha (3.00pm tour arrival & midday departure)

If you or your group are looking for a custom experience for your perfect Algarve cycling holiday, Contact Practice Bicycle today!

Algarve cycling tours are a quality selection of proven ride routes ideal for the regular or avid cyclist looking for 80-110km / 50-68mi each day. You will be surprised by the variety of terrain and rides available to you in the sunny Algarve, Portugal.

Each cycling route during your European Winter, Spring cycling vacation will be tailored specifically to your bike riding ability, experience and goals. 
If you are preparing for an event with specific training or need a week of great riding in the sun.  The Algarve is your perfect PB Tours cycling destination.

Algarve cycling tours include a balanced selection of climbing rides throughout the week, alternatively for those looking to escape into the mountains for a complete week of climbing at altitude our Serra da Estrela Cycling Tour is the answer.

Our Challenging Bike Tours category offers fantastic cycling opportunities in superb bike riding destinations including, Australia, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, and the French Alps.

For your added convenience we have quality carbon road bikes available to you with our Algarve Cycling Tours, as an Add-On.
Austrian KTM carbon road bikes in the latest models with Shimano groupsets, available with Rim Brake, Disc Brake and Di2 11speed groupsets.

KTM Revelator 3500 105 Carbon Shimano 105 11s Rim Brakes 50, 34 x 11-32            KTM Alto Elite Carbon Shimano Ultegra 11s Hydraulic Disc Brakes Mechanical Groupset 50, 34 x 11-32 Mavic Aksium Wheelset              KTM Revelator Alto Ultegra D12 Disc Brake 11s 50,34 x11-28 Mavic Aksium Wheels

‘Unpack Once, Ride Everyday’
The one location bike tour experience is the brainchild of Bridget (Owner/Operator).  On retiring from professional cycling, it was the pure pleasure of cycling that evolved the proven PB philosophy of one location.  Including everything enjoyable and removing the less pleasurable is our goal of your perfect cycling holiday experience.
Packing and Unpacking each day is tiring, stressful and time consuming. With insufficient time to relax, enjoy and experience the unique location before it is time to move on again.
With a life spent discovering the very best locations to Practice Bicycle, including the discovery of endless ride options exploring in every direction all from the one hotel.
Experience the very best cycling of your life when you Unpack Once, Ride Everyday!

I had a great time training with PB in the Algarve. There was excellent structure to the program which struck the right balance between quality riding, good laughs and pastel de natas. Accommodation was great – good location by the beach and has all the amenities. Highly recommend the team for a bespoke, professional and enjoyable cycling experience.
Linton – Australia

Hi Paul & Bridget
Thank you so much for the fantastic photos.
I had a great days cycling with you. Thank you so much for not cancelling! Not only did we do some lovely rides in scenic Portugal (I loved the cork trees and also the windswept pines near the coast) but the individual coaching I received was invaluable. I have not really been taught how to ride a bike before and your advice on gears and heart rate, climbing technique and the importance of warming up and cooling down is really useful. This has given me skills and things to work on which will last way beyond my time with you. You gave me a lot to think about in terms of what my goals should be and if my current goals are aligned to my physical strengths.
Thanks again.
Rachel – UK

Thanks Again for an amazing experience. Thanks to your team for yet another fabulous Practice Bicycle experience!!!
It was great rides, and as I said, you’re a great guy and a great coach!
Mohamaad – Saudi Arabia

Just as we experienced great cycling in Annecy with Practice Bicycle, we were treated to spectacular scenery on fabulous roads that met our terrain and time preferences each day -only this time with Practice Bicycle in sunny Algarve. We’ve been to Mallorca several times for the riding, but we had no idea just how good the cycling is in southern Portugal. Paul and Bridget set a comfortable tempo for us on the flats and then paced each of us perfectly up the rolling terrain to Monchique and the final climb up the Foia. They took the time to figure out how we like to ride and then provided a customized experience. I am not sure other companies understand how to do this. They certainly do!
Mitch & Melissa – UK

I’ve been raving to my wife and daughter about how fabulous it was. Please do email me those photos as soon as you get a chance. I’ll share them with my network on Facebook and other networks and tag Practice Bicycle Tours. And what I said about NYC goes: if you and Bridget ever find yourself there, dinner and an urban ride are on me.
Best Regards
Lemar – USA

I had the best experience so far Biking with you in Algarve in March! I am not the strongest or most experienced biker but you both made sure helping me feel comfortable and well taken care of! I think both my leg muscles and confidence grew during my stay. You shared your own experiences, taught me more in a week than I learnt the last 2 years! Everything from ‘good cake  in the region’, sitting comfortable in the saddle, listening to the heart and legs, not moping along, proper bike etiquette, coaching me and pushing, encouraging me up hill, showing me a great region and so much more. I am looking forward seeing you both again and keep on learning from you both. I felt like royalty having both of you coaching me and you were great at balancing the hard training with recovery, and cake! 😉 Cake aside, P and B will help you challenge yourself and push your limits if that is what you want but if you’re not they are just as good at showing you beautiful places introducing you to the region. Bridget, you’re a machine! Paul, everyone should have the chance to have the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for helping me and taking my biking to a new level!     
Anna – Sweden

Snowy Blues…Biked today and will bike tomorrow. Missed the roads and sun, sitting in the dusty and grey old garage downstairs. I put in the zones I got from you in my Garmin and will get a new bike fit, fixed my saddle height etc. I suspect that no matter how hard I try it won’t be the same quality experience or training sitting alone on my trainer until the roads here will be dry and free of snow.
I feel great after my cycling trip despite a nose that is peeling a bit after the Rudolf incident… No more cake now though. It just wouldn’t be the same here. 🙂
Only good food and trying to get enough sleep, plan my training etc. I feel motivated, more confident and super happy after training with both of you. I learned so much and will do my best implementing it into my every training session.
It was an honor biking with you.
Anna – Sweden

I was a bit sceptic about all these online websites, I sent an enquiry and recieved a response quite quickly, they even offered to give me a phone call to answer any questions! Practice Bicycle offered me my specific dates, they tailored the rides as I had come from Chicago snow, I wanted some challenging ride days which I certainly got, the coastal beach views were really amazing, I loved Bridget got me to taste a medronho (wow, that stuff is rocket fuel) the professionalism of the world of cycle coaching Paul explained over the many days, made me think about using my time and energy in a new way, that was really great. I mainly wanted to focus on endurance rides in preparation for my summer race season back home. My 6 rides (don’t let Bridget ride on the front, she’s ex pro cyclist who can still press!) with Practice Bicycle was professional, fun and I plan to next ride the French Alps with them.
Thanks Again
Mark – US
ps Burger King isn’t as good as US!

Portugal Cycling Training – Overall Rating Brilliant!
Accommodation The suggested resort (Tivoli Marina) was ideal as a visitor ride base. Ground floor walk in rooms made it easy to take in the bike. They had a good breakfast range and tea and coffee in the room which made starting the day easy and well fuelled. The hotel is situated on a cul de sac with a bikeway to bypass town, this meant starting rides was safe from traffic and the roll out was quiet. I was provided with a shower and change after an extra ride even though I had checked out before the ride.
Ride Management Paul’s ride coordination was fantastic, well organised, well thought out and safe. He used the first ride to gauge my riding skill and set ground rules for how to behave on the road. We could also discuss my expectations and match them to ride options. He pegged my strength and endurance perfectly and tailored the rides to stretch me to my realistic limit but not over extend. Paul is proactive and assertive which is good for controlling concentration on the road and pre-empting situations that could be confusing to someone who doesn’t know the roads or traffic customs.
Hire Bike The hire bike supplied was great. Sending through the frame and seat dimensions worked well, the set up was just right. The bike was clean, well maintained with derailleur alignments good alignments and brakes working well (thank goodness).
Training Routes It is a pleasure to ride where the cars are tolerant and there are plenty of quiet scenic roads during the Portugal cycling training week. We covered the hills, the coast, rolling terrain with a good balance of challenges and varying views!
Coaching Paul did an excellent job of managing pace and heart rate. Talking through coaching, training and fitness strategies and philosophy reinforced to ride tactics, kept the overall performance in line with achieving my cycling plan of achievement and enjoyment. Flagging the need to bring the heart rate monitor was a brilliant idea!
Stephen – Australia

From NY to sunny Algarve Portugal, I wasn’t sure if I would be ok for 6 rides days having come from my trainer to the ‘real roads’, it was a personal, small ride group with plenty of cafe stops in the sun, great rides and conversation, lots of undulating terrain, super warm spring temperatures it is a great spot for lots of sunny miles. Paul’s repetition of safety, safety is noted and much appreciated.
Thankyou for a great week
Clif – USA

December Algarve Cycling in the Algarve Sun! These guys are so much fun to ride with, a challenging cycling week, we rode, we talked and laughed lots, we pressed sometime hard, sometimes easy (they just always get that right), we drank lots coffee, tried all the local cakes, stopped at some quirky things, saw some funny sights, enjoyed the xmassy feel in December, and we sat after our rides, drank some black beer (very good!) and compared canadian and portuguese differences…loved it!
Kinga – Canada

The Algarve Cycling Tours are all about great riding each day, maximizing your time on the amazing roads of the Algarve, Southern Portugal.
For most guests post cycling, it’s time to relax, rest and recover.  Either by the pool or with a drink and stroll on the beach, there are also plenty of great restaurants / bars, shops to choose from within walking distance of your hotel.
With tired legs RELAXING is high on the agenda!  If massage is something you enjoy, this can also be organized for you.

Algarve Cycling Tours include:

  • 7 nights quality 4* hotel accommodation on the Algarve Coast
  • 7 buffet breakfasts to fuel-up for the day
  • 6 challenging rides in the sunny Algarve the perfect Winter / Spring cycling experience!
  • Welcome Algarve feast restaurant dinner perfect preparation for your cycling week
  • Variety of spectacular routes including the coastline, interior & mountains
  • Highly experienced PB Algarve ride leader
  • Sports drinks & nutritional bars
  • Support vehicle for the daily rides
  • Airport pick-up & drop-off Faro Airport (Portugal) (3.00pm tour arrival & midday departure)

Algarve Cycling Tour Highlights:

  • Quality Winter / Spring ride weeks, Total Distance 585km / 360mi with Total Elevation 7,575m / 25,000ft.
  • Small cycling group quality rides
  • Experienced team with international cycling knowledge (over 20 years) of all ages, men and women ensuring a perfect week in the saddle.
  • Variety of amazing quiet roads exploring the secret cycling destination Algarve, Portugal
  • Combination of undulating and choice climbs available including Alto do Foia (900m)
  • Portugal Europe’s sunny secret cycling destination

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