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Epic Road Cycling in Portugal

With its excellent weather conditions and a network of varied, traffic-free roads, the Algarve in Portugal is the ideal destination for cycling training and quality rides over the winter / spring.  With a menu of endurance rides and climbing routes available during your Algarve cycling week in the sun. Join Paul Hughes, 20 years international cycling coach and Bridget Evans, retired professional racing cyclist, for the very best combination of challenging and epic rides.

Algarve Cycling Training Camps

Start the day with the sun rising ready for a great day in the saddle. Fully charged heading out at a comfortable pace, warming up the muscles on our chosen ride option for the day. Effective training is best accomplished with a gradual increase in effort and nothing could be better when we hit the quiet country roads of the Algarve, small undulations and twisting roads are everywhere. Once in a rhythm the kilometres/miles flow by with ease as we pass Portuguese villages that haven’t changed in many years. Time to take on a small climb and stimulate those muscle fibers, early season style, small chain ring comfortable high cadence if you wish or strength intervals if you’re looking to improve that all important muscle strength!
Looking for a coffee-break or keep it constant, fat-burning metabolism at its best, three, four or five hours every day tailored for that all important scientific progressive overload effect. Great training rides sometime need to be easy when it’s time to wind down the effort as we return to the hotel to relax and get ready for another perfect Algarve training ride tomorrow.

Experience Portugal with a challenging cycling week

With quality riding on the roads of the Algarve between the October – May period, keep the legs turning and avoid the cold wet months and that unwanted cold or flu! As all good cyclists would agree it’s also the time of the year to maintain good condition and build that important aerobic fitness for a great year of cycling ahead.  The natural setting of the Algarve offers a variety of climbs and a network of roads, perfect for a challenging week and also moderate distance rides each day.

Algarve cycling training camps can be tailored to your current experience and ability or cycling goals, get ready to experience unique ride routes all in one terrific training week with the professionals of Practice Bicycle in the Algarve Southern Portugal.

Looking to relax a bit more?

Training CampsIf it’s more of a Portugal cycling holiday and less of a challenge that you are looking for, take a look at the Natural Algarve Bike Trip.

View Natural Algarve Bike Trip
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Challenging Bike Tours

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Challenging –  75 km to 110 km/day per day

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Quality 7 Day Tour:
4* Hotel Accommodation, $1169 per person

Rides Only:
Without Accommodation, $858 per person

Or make it custom, from $1469 per person

Centre Based Cycling

Portimao, Portugal

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September – May


7 Days / 6 Nights

Small Group Sizes

2 to 8 people

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Single room – $310
Bike hire – $400
Half board – $180
Airport Transfer – $210

Algarve Centre Based Cycling

The Perfect Cycling Base for your road cycling training camps

One of our most recent cycling delights came in 2011, when winter in the French Alps was not the cycling paradise we know it to be. The Practice Bicycle team relocated to Portugal and discovered a hidden gem in the Algarve.

After exploring different locations we hit the hub of this secret European cycling destination. Great cycling routes require a variety of terrain, duration, challenges and directions. After all if you can’t get enough of cycling like the Practice Bicycle team its the constant changing views, landscapes and environment that keeps us asking for more!

It could be the Cape St. Vincent coast and the tip of Sagres.  The Serra de Monchique mountain range and the challenge of Foia (902m / 3000ft) the highest point of the Algarve or one of the many smaller challenges around this forest mountain.  The undulating hinterland with a net work of quiet traffic free roads.
The choice is endless with road cycling in the Algarve, Portugal.

My week with you inspired me to get me prepared for the New England Road Race championship, the New England Time Trial championship, and the Green Mountain Stage Race. I won the 50-59 Road Race title, as well as the 50-54 TT. I finished 3rd on GC at GMSR in the 50+ field, with a 4th place in the TT stage, and 3rd in the RR. It was a great second half of the season.
There's no doubt in my mind that my week in the Algarve with Practice Bicycle was a significant factor in my success. I'd love to come back and ride with you again!
Testimonial by A. Potter – USA
A. Potter – USA


We run our Algarve Cycling Training Camps from September to May. Below are all our scheduled small-group departures for road cycling in Portugal. To enquire about joining, click the “Enquire Now” button next to the tour date.

  • 24 October — 30 October Enquire
  • 21 November — 27 November Enquire
  • 12 December — 18 December Enquire
  • 18 January — 24 January Book Now Enquire
  • 10 February — 16 February Book Now Enquire
  • 08 March — 14 March Book Now Enquire

Looking for specific dates?

If you want to travel on different dates, don’t hesitate to contact us about arranging a custom Algarve Cycling Training Camp!

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Endurance Itinerary

Endurance cycling ride week distance 400km / 250mi, enquire above to reserve your place.
Arrival Day at the Algarve Cycling Training Camp - Montes de Cima Bike Tour
Comfortable Ride Route:
Distance 40km/25mi
Ascent 280m/900ft
Enjoy a spin on the traffic free roads of the Algarve and unwind from your travels the perfect welcome ride to cycling training in the Algarve. These fantastic roads are now your Portugal cycling menu, Montes de Cima sits at the foot of one of the roads onto the Monchique mountain. Today it is the perfect coffee shop ride into the natural arena that is the Algarve.

* training rides based on an endurance training week, options for additional time, climbs or recovery rides as required!

Algarve Cycling Training Camp - Espinhaco da Cao Bike Tour
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 100km / 62mi
Ascent 850m / 2800ft
Most of the Endurance Itinerary rides have been specifically designed to keep the elevation each day to a moderate level under 1000m / 3300ft. Todays quality undulating roads introduce the amazing network of great cycling roads that are available during the week. Passing by the Odiaxere reservoir we wake up the legs on a selection of short sharp efforts before heading to the wind turbines way in the distance.
Espinhaco da Cao (234m) 3km @ 5%
Algarve Cycling Training Camp - Serra Monchique Bike Tour
Epic Ride Route:
Distance 105km / 65mi
Ascent 1250m / 4100ft
The most challenging ride of this itinerary with the constant slopes of the Monchique mountain for a spectacular day of riding as we climb both sides of the Serra Monchique. It’s one of the cycling routes heading North from Portimao and shows the variety of amazing cycling terrain on offer all from the one cycling centre in the Algarve. This ride offers challenging climbs with constant grades made for training with the perfect recovery period of panoramic winding roads among the tree plantations as we pass from the Algarve into the neighboring Alentejo Region of Portugal.
Monchique (450m) 10km @ 4%
Malhoe (515m) 13km @ 4%
Algarve Cycling Training Camp - Atlantic Coast Bike Tour
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 85km / 53mi
Ascent 550m / 1800ft
Flat coast roads to start the day as we head past the Marina town of Lagos. This route west along the bottom of Portugal is great terrain for that steady tempo as we follow the Atlantic coastline. With a coffee stop on the beach there cannot be a better location for cycling. Time to head inland across the natural landscape for uninterrupted cycling the ideal endurance ride, not too taxing on the legs and ideal for 75% aerobic workouts.
Algarve Cycling Training Camp – Alte Bike Tour
Epic Ride Route:
Distance 95km / 59mi
Ascent 875m / 2900ft
The roller coaster landscape of the Eastern Algarve hinterland is our goal for the day as we pass by the Arade reservoir and into the hills of the Serra do Caldeirao. This will be the second of the weeks Epic ride routes unlike the Serra Monchique route with its 2 specific climbs, todays route is demanding as we are on day 5 of progressive cycling overload. Take a breather at the cyclists’ cafe in the village of Alte before we push on back through the orange farms and keep the legs turning back to the cool breeze of the Atlantic coast.
Algarve Cycling Training Camp – Chilrao Bike Tour
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 75km / 46mi
Ascent 860m 2800ft
Finish your Algarve cycling week in style with the twisting roads along the shelf of the Serra Monchique mountain range and its amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. Take one final challenge to use those remaining muscle fibers with the climb of Casais and keep the pedals turning around the mountain as its all downhill back to Portimao.
Alto do Casais (320m) 2.5km @ 6%
Departure Day from the Algarve Cycling Training Camp
It’s time for the Recovery to begin with the end of your Algarve Training Camp.
Practice bicycle wish you good cycling form until we PRACTICE BICYCLE together again

* Proposed Endurance Itinerary Week Total Distance 490km / 300mi with Total Elevation 4700m /15000ft

Climbing Itinerary

Choice of climbing routes distance 565km / 350mi elevation 5750m / 19000ft for the semi competitive rider, enquire above to reserve your place.
Arrival Day at the Algarve Cycling Training Camp
Distance 50km/31mi
Ascent 350m/1100ft
Route Armacao de Pera
Enjoy the coast and unwind from your travels with this undulating coastal ride followed by flat inland the perfect welcome ride to cycling training in the Algarve.

* A selection of challenging climbing rides, recovery rides or rest days as required!

Algarve Cycling Training Camp - 'Rocha da Pena'
Distance 110km / 68mi
Ascent 1050m / 3400ft
Route Malhao
The perfect climb if you are looking to test your legs in the Algarve
Alto do Malhao (526m) cat2 – 2.8km @ 9%
Algarve Cycling Training Camp - 'Alto do Foia'
Distance 95km / 60mi
Ascent 1200m / 3900ft
Route Foia
Great cycling terrain and the interior Mountain Range of the Serra Monchique and the summit of the Algarve Foia!
Alto do Foia (900m) cat1 – 7.3km @ 6%
Algarve Cycling Training Camp - 'Carrapateira'
Distance 110km / 68mi
Ascent 900m / 3000ft
Route Carrapateira
Power all the way to the coast and follow the wind turbines in a native landscape
Wind could be the challenge today!
Algarve Cycling Training Camp - 'Nave Redonda'
Distance 100km / 62mi
Ascent 1200m / 3900ft
Route Nave Redonda
Challenge the roller coaster landscape into the Algarve hinterland behind the reservoirs
Alto do Corchas (450m) cat2 – 11km @ 3%
Algarve Cycling Training Camp - 'Aljzur'
Distance 100km / 62mi
Ascent 1050m / 3500ft
Route Aljzur
Take on Marmelete with the twisting roads on the shelf of the Serra Monchique with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean
Alto do Marmelete (390m) cat3 – 5.2km @ 5.5%
Departure Day from the Algarve Cycling Training Camp
INCLUSIONS: Breakfast, Faro Airport (Portugal) Transfer
It’s time for Recovery with the end of your Algarve Training Camp
Practice bicycle wish you good cycling form until we PRACTICEBICYCLE together again

* Climbing Itinerary Week Total Distance 565km with Total Elevation 5750m

These proven itineraries are ideal for the avid cyclist looking for quality rides each day of 80 – 100km/62mi.  You will be surprised by the variety of terrain and rides available to you in the Algarve, Portugal.

Each cycling route during this European winter, spring period cycling vacation will be tailored specifically to your bike riding ability, experience and goals.  With either an Endurance itinerary or Climbing itinerary and the option of a combination of both, in addition Recovery rides are always available to maximize your cycling week.
If you are preparing for an event with specific training or need a week of great riding in the sun.  The Algarve is your destination.

The destination for your Algarve cycling training camp is the town of  Portimao / Praia da Rocha.
The closest airport is Faro Airport (Portugal) situated in the south of Portugal and serviced by many low cost European airlines including Ryanair, Easyjet and
Shuttle transfer services operate between the airport and Portimao / Praia da Rocha.

For international guests arriving in Lisbon (Portugal) you have a choice of connecting flights to Faro Airport or alternatively public transport train or coach service to Portimao, in addition amazing value car rental companies are also available with all of these options allow for a 3hr travel time.

It is also possible to fly to Faro Airport (Portugal) via the following locations Lisbon (Portugal), Frankfurt (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), London Gatwick (UK), Oslo (Norway), Amsterdam (Holland), Geneva (Switzerland).

The Algarve Cycling Training Camps offer proven accommodation at Portimao and Praia da Rocha, the ideal location to relax after your ride each day.
Handpicked 4* accommodation includes, the Tivoli Marina Portimao Resort. These are quality studios within a nautical complex on the River Arade and a short 400m walk to the Beach and Restaurants.

Tivoli Marina Portimao Algarve Resort 4 Star

Absolutely! Look for our ‘Rides Only’ package to get on this challenging cycling week without using our accommodation.
Arrange your own stay in the Algarve which has a comprehensive selection of apartment accommodation available and come to the rides just like you would back home!
Each day you will join the Practice Bicycle Team at a Portimao/Praia da Rocha meeting point. Meet your ride leader and experience a variety of ideal rides to maximize your cycling on the warm roads of Europe’s new cycling destination the Algarve,Portugal.

The Training Camp is about great riding and being outdoors as much as possible, especially as many guests have come from very cold climates.
Guests who come with their training buddies, enjoy interaction post cycling.

For most it’s time to relax, rest and recover.  Either by the pool or a drink and stroll on the beach, there are also plenty of great restaurants / bars, shops to choose from within walking distance of your hotel.

I guess with tired legs RELAXING is high on the agenda!  If massage is something you enjoy, this can also be organized for you.

‘Unpack Once, Cycle Everyday’
The one location bike tour experience is the brain child of Bridget Evans (Owner/Operator).  On retiring from professional cycling it was the pure pleasure of cycling that evolved the proven Practice Bicycle philosophy of one location.  Including everything enjoyable and removing the less pleasurable is our goal of your perfect cycling holiday experience.
Packing and Unpacking each day was tiring, stressful and time consuming. With insufficient time to relax, enjoy and experience the place before it was time to move on again.
With a life spent discovering the very best locations to Practice Bicycle, including the discovery of endless ride options exploring in every direction  from the one perfect location.
Experience the very best cycling of your life when you Unpack Once, Cycle Everyday!

For your added convenience we have quality carbon road bikes as an optional extra available to you with your Algarve Cycling Training Camps.
Many of our guests prefer their own bikes for maximum cycling pleasure. Should logistics and travel arrangements make this too difficult then our bike hire is the perfect solution.
Depending on availability and size we have several brands available including Focus, Sensa and Giant carbon bikes are recent models with Shimano Ultegra or 105 componentry.

Focus Izalco Max Carbon Road Bike Hire Shimano compact 50, 34 x 11-29          Sensa Guilia Quality Carbon Road Bike Hire Shimano compact 50, 34 x 11-29          Giant TCR 2 Quality Carbon Road Bike Hire Shimano compact 50, 34 x 11-30

Paul Hughes and Bridget Evans will lead your rides each day during the Algarve cycling training camps. Sharing with you their significant experience at the highest levels of international cycling which includes riding on the roads of Europe since 1996.

With coaching knowledge & experience of all cycling ability levels and age groups including teams at professional elite racing level you will be riding with a very unique team. In addition Owner Bridget Evans a very accomplished bike rider in her own right offers a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired as a professional bike rider on the world tour for over 10 years competing in many prestigious international races with great success.
The skill set of bringing together riders of different abilities is a special trait with this team, ensuring that each of your rides makes for a perfectly tailored road cycling in experience in Portugal.

Algarve Cycling Training Camps include:

  • 6 Nights’ Quality Accommodation
  • 6 Buffet Breakfasts to fuel-up for the day
  • 6 Fully guided training rides tailored for how much you wish to ride!
  • Spectacular and variety routes including the coastline, interior and mountains
  • Ride support offering mechanical assistance, sports drinks & nutritional bars

Algarve Road Cycling Training Camp Highlights:

  • Small training group individual coaching advice
  • Quality ride weeks 300 – 650 km (185 – 400 miles)
  • International professional coaching (over 20 years) of all ages, men and women ensuring a perfect week in the saddle.
  • Different training routes each day on quiet traffic free roads of the secret Algarve
  • 9 choice climbs available including Alto do Foia (900m)
  • Portugal Europes sunny secret cycling destination
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