Below are several examples of our proven challenging and epic ride routes during a French Alps Cols cycling week.  Including Tour de France stage routes past and present, which are available to you with a custom week, comfortable or recovery rides as required.

French Alps Cycling Cols – Green Jersey 

Challenging Ride Route
Ride A1: Distance 60km/ 37miles, Ascent 850m/ 288ft, Route Massif des Bauges

Challenging Ride Route
Ride A2: Distance 65km/40miles, Ascent 540m/1800ft, Route Thones

Challenging Ride Route
Ride A3: Distance 75km/47miles, Ascent 530m/1700ft, Route Seyssel

Challenging Ride Route
Ride A4: Distance 75km/47miles, Ascent 770m/2500ft, Route Cons Ste Colombe

Challenging Ride Route
Ride A5: Distance 85km/53miles, Ascent 630m/2050ft, Route La Tournette



French Alps Cycling Cols – Yellow Jersey

Epic Ride Route
Ride B1: Distance 50 km/31miles, Ascent 780m/2500ft, Route Bluffy

Epic Ride Route
Ride B2: Distance 110km/68miles, Ascent 1340m/4400ft, Route Barrage-de-Genissiat

Epic Ride Route
Ride B3: Distance 80km/50miles, Ascent 1390m/4600ft, Route Glieres

Epic Ride Route
Ride B4: Distance 100km/62miles, Ascent 1760m/5800ft, Route Revard

Epic Ride Route
Ride B5: Distance 120km/75miles, Ascent 2200m/7200ft, Route Chaine des Aravis


French Alps Cycling Cols – Polka Dot Jersey

Tour de France Cols Ride Route  
Ride C1:  Distance 40 km/25miles, Ascent 400m/1310ft, Route Time Trial route Tour de France 2009

Tour de France Cols Ride Route
Ride C2:  Distance 125km/78miles, Ascent 3000m/9840ft, Route Tour de France 2013 complete stage!

Tour de France Cols Ride Route
Ride C3:  Distance 180km/112miles, Ascent 2250m/7380ft, Route hardest col in France of Tour de France 2012

Tour de France Cols Ride Route
Ride C4:  Distance 120km/75miles, Ascent 2350m/7710ft, Route epic cols from Tour de France 2002 & 2010

Tour de France Cols Ride Route
Ride C5:  Distance 120km/75miles, Ascent 2450m/8040ft, Route collection Tour de France 1997 to 2007


The team at Practice Bicycle Bike Tours have over 20 years’ experience of coaching at the highest level and riding the roads of the French Alps…experience for yourself quality proven ride routes in the French Alps!

Available classic Tour de France cols around Annecy

1. Grand Colombier (1505m) HC – 18.3km @ 6.9%
2. Col des Saisies (1657m) cat1 – 14.7km @ 5.1%
3. Col du Marais (843m) cat3 – 10km @ 4%
4. Cote du Mont-des-Prince (696m) cat3 – 6km @ 7%
5. Col de la Colombiere (1618m) cat1 – 11.8km @ 5.9%
6. Cote du Puget (796m) cat2 – 5.4km @ 5.9%, Edition 2013
7. Collet de Tamie (907m) cat2 –  8.6km @ 6.2%
8. Col de Richemond (1051m) cat3 – 11.5km @ 3.7%
9. Col des Aravis (1486m) cat1 – 11.5km @ 5%
10. Col de Leschaux (944m) cat3 – 3.6km @ 6.1%
11. Mont Revard (1463m) cat1 – 15.9km @ 5.6%
12. Col du l’Epine (947m) cat2 –  6.1km @ 7.2%
13. Col des Pres (1142m) cat3 – 3.4km @ 6.9%
14. Cote de Bluffy (734m) cat3 – 3.7km @ 6%
15. Cote d’Allion-le-Vieux (929m) cat3 – 6km @ 4%
16. Cote de Buget Mont-Charvin (911m) cat3 – 3.6km @ 6%
17. Col de la Croix-fry (1477m) cat1 – 11.3km @ 7%
18. Semnoz (1665m) HC – 10.7km @ 8.5%
19. Col du Tamie (950m) cat2 – 10.1km @ 3.9%
20. Col de la Forclaz – Montmin (1150m) HC – 8.2km @ 8%

Annecy Summer Training Camp
Come and cycle 20 classic Tour de France cols right from the doorstep of your hotel with Paul Hughes, international cycling coach and Bridget Evans, retired professional cyclist.