Exciting times at a great Dauphine 2012!

What a Great Dauphine 2012 bike race tour! Watching Cadel push 'Wiggo' all the way to the line on the same slopes that we challenged ourselves was just one of the many highlights...

Dauphine Cycle Race in Annecy

The Dauphine cycle race peloton will be fired up for this big mountain stage with 7 Col’s awaiting them. We have chosen the climb of the 2nd Category

Dauphine Libere 2010 Famous Alps

This 8 stage International bike race takes place each year in early June with the race route using the magnificent roads of the Rhone-Alps Region of France.

Criterium Dauphine Libere Bike Tour

Criterium Dauphine race route will use similar roads to the Tour de France over punishing climbs and magnificent scenery of the French Alps

Dauphine Tour Perfect June Cycling Holiday

Great Dauphine tour live roadside race action, we now know why you guys operate your tours in Annecy, France. riding in the area is unbelievable