Giro d’Italia Sanremo Liguria Italy

Giro d'Italia 2015 Sanremo Liguria Italy is here! The sun is shining, the Mediterranean is blue and the roads are PINK...Let the FUN begin!  Take a look at how you can ride and experience the best of Italy Un-Pack Once & Cycle Everyday.

Grand Tours – Tour of Italy + Tour de France

In 2015 Alberto Contador will contest the GIRO-TOUR double, one of the few elusive trophies on offer in the modern world of professional cycling.  Not since 1998 when one of the best climbers in the world of cycling..

Giro Cycling Tours 2015 Fun and Glitz in the Sun of Sanremo!

Sanremo last held the Giro start in 1987, Roberto Visentini won the prologue time trial. The following day Erik Breukink taking the short road leg in the morning, while Stephen Roche won a novel stage 2b – an 8km downhill time trial off the Poggio.

Giro d’Italia Cycling Tours 2014 Time Trial Barolo

Italy's Number 1 Grand Tour doesn’t have to be about snow-capped Dolomite's, impassable roads and difficult conditions ... well not for you anyway! In the unique style from Practice Bicycle Un-Pack Once & Cycle Everyday