Womens French Alps Cycling Tour

Womens cycling tour challenging Alpine Cols with lots of fun!

The Womens cycling tour is a highlight for all women cyclists, take your cycling to the next level in the French Alps.

With Practice Bicycle Tours you expect fully guided quality rides, unique small group cycling skill set, individual support and the tailored challenge.   With a life time of cycling experience Bridget (Owner/Operator) has a love of cycling waiting to share with you, whether your ‘looking at the trees’ or ‘looking at the Alps’ it’s spectacular fun all the way.
Unpack Once & Ride Each Day with your Womens cycling tour comprising a selection of the best bike rides of your life all from your Hotel each morning in the beautiful town of Annecy.  Bridget first challenged the French Alps in 1998 and soon discovered why she called it her ‘Cycling Paradise’.  Now its your turn to find your cycling paradise as she shares the journey with you.  Spectacular French Alps bike rides ridden together at the perfect pace, with a cycling story around every corner. Sometimes these stories can take your breath away as much as the unbelievable panoramic sights or your effort on the pedals.

Tailored Womens Cycling Tour

With the town of Annecy nestled at the base of the Northern Alps, you expect to find it surrounded by famous Tour de France Cols. That’s true they come in all shapes and sizes and your going to experience the perfect climbs tailored to your cycling ability.  It’s more than only Cols, its about enjoying the moment together, the challenge on the bike and also the cafe and patisserie off the bike.
From Col de Leschaux (900m) to the Col de l’Epine (947m), from valley roads to country roads a selection of unique ride routes tailored for you as you too discover yourself in cycling paradise with this French Alps Womens cycling tour.

Challenging Fully Guided Bike Rides

You’re not on this cycling tour to tick boxes in the French Alps or get left behind. It’s not necessary to tick the box because there are to many cols to tick and our unique skill set is what sets us apart when it comes to group riding. With Bridget’s experienced legs sharing the ride with you and the complete support of the professional team with over 20 years of coaching and cycling knowledge. Experience the difference with this ultimate fully guided womens cycling tour.

Looking for easier bike rides?

Women Bike ToursTake a look at our Luxury Womens Lake Annecy Bike Trip with comfortable rides each day and hidden gem restaurant lunch stops!

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Women Bike Tours

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Experienced Cycling Guides

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Challenging – 70km/43mi – 100km/62mi

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Quality Tour:
5* Hotel accommodation AUD $4119 pp
4* Hotel accommodation AUD $2696 pp
3* Hotel accommodation AUD $2375 pp
Rides Only:
Without accommodation AUD $1533 pp

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Request a private, customised version of this tour for yourself or cycling group.

Centre Based Cycling

Annecy, France

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May – September


7 Days / 6 Nights

Small Group Size

2 to 6 people

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Single room – AUD $533
Bike hire – AUD $500

Annecy Centre Based Cycling

The Perfect Cycling Destination for Alpine Cols

When Practice Bicycle experienced the breathtaking town of Annecy and the French Alps in 1998 they new they had discovered the perfect cycling destination to enjoy Cycling in the French Alps.
Your cycling holiday does not have to be spent isolated on the side of a mountain to have fun in the French Alps.  These Northern alpine cols are easily accessed from Geneva Airport.  Offering the unique balance of the perfect stay in the town of Annecy with your cycling in the French Alps vacation.
Magnificent days spent cycling in tranquility with breathtaking scenery around every corner, with the luxury of returning to the chic town of Annecy to relax and enjoy everything that this “little pearl in the box” has to offer. Your very own “petit Paris” whilst on a cycling holiday with a difference.

After more than a few frustrating rides trying to get Garmin & Google Maps to play nice on unfamiliar roads in a different country, we decided to give guided tours a go for my 50th birthday holiday on Lake Annecy. What we found was a pure gem of a company in Practice Bicycle. Paul and Bridget are true professionals with decades of riding and racing experience (just Google Bridget’s palmares). They asked what kind of rides we wanted in terms of the terrain and time in the saddle and then all we had to do was enjoy the days. We rode on beautiful, low traffic rolling farm roads through gorgeous Alpine countryside at the perfect pace for both of us. Knowing the roads so well, PB gave us the option of coffee stops and we were also able to snap a few great photos of us along the way. We highly recommend them and will certainly call on them again!
Testimonial by M. Ferro – USA
M. Ferro – USA


Womens French Alps Cycling Tours are between May and September. Click on the Book Now button or Enquire to join this fun cycling vacation.

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Looking for a custom Womens French Alps cycling experience?

If you or your group of ladies want a tailored cycling week, don’t hesitate to contact us about arranging a Custom Womens French Alps Cycling Vacation!

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Favourite French Alps Cycling Itinerary

Total Distance 535km/330mi, Total Elevation 6550m/21500ft, Total Number of Cols 6

Favourite French Alps Cycling routes each day of 70km/43mi – 125km/78mi & elevation 1400m/4600ft suitable for experienced women cyclists.
Womens French Alps Cycling Tour Arrival Day - Col de l’Epine (947m)
Arrival Time: Midday
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 75km/47mi
Ascent 770m/2500ft
Welcome to your Favourite French Alps Cycling vacation.
Check in to your Hotel and unpack ready for a memorable week of cycling together. If you’re not feeling overly tired or you have been in France for a day or two it’s a good idea to check out the bikes and enjoy the fresh mountain air of the French Alps with our get to know each other ride.
It’s one of the most beautiful views of any bike ride on earth riding by the side of the spectacular turquoise waters of Lake Annecy. We’ll soon turn onto the slopes of the Col de l´Epine (947m 7km @ average 7%) it’s hidden among the trees and zig zags up the side of the valley into the Alps. We like this Col because you feel hidden almost like you have disappeared whist your climbing, the truth is you can see everything, with amazing views all the way to the top. These views are priceless and a great reason that we choose to Practice Bicycle.
Once at the summit It’s easy to think we’re lost, we’re never lost, we just loose ourselves! Welcome to Bridget’s Favourite French Alps Cycling.
Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Rhone River
Epic Ride Route:
Distance 110km/68mi
Ascent 1350m/4400ft
Bridget’s favourite French Alps cycling routes come in all shapes and sizes or should we say all distances and variety of terrain. One thing is certain some will be your favourites also! The Rhone River bike tour takes you on a big loop away from the Grand Alps to explore the edge of the pre-Alps. Mostly all downhill for the first 30km and a wonderful way to start the day. Once we are riding by the Rhone River, we’ll take a café stop in the town of Seyssel, the ideal place to refuel before we push on with this great endurance ride. We could ride these traffic free roads all day as we arrive at our crossing point over the Rhone at the Barrage-de-Genissiat we better head back otherwise we could end up in Switzerland.
We haven’t ridden over any major col’s on this cycling tour route, although we have seen them in every direction. After years of discovering these roads you can appreciate with Bridget how you will accomplish a lot of work together on these favourite French Alps cycling roads.
Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Cruseilles
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 70km/43mi
Ascent 920m/3000ft

The legs might be humming a little this morning after yesterday’s Rhone River cycling tour. It’s only to be expected and another reason that Practice Bicycle know the French Alps and Bridget specializes in tailoring the fully guided Womens French Alps bike tour experience just for you.
Today it’s an adventure into the rolling roads of this ‘Cycling Paradise’ small country roads ridden at the perfect pace, your pace. Crossing the medieval suspension bridge of Les Ponts de la Caille, we can take a café break together in the town of Cruseilles.
These great cycling roads are like a spiders web, with tiny lanes shooting off in all directions, local knowledge is everything to ensure everyday is a great day when cycling in the French Alps. Passing among the fruit growing farms this loop keeps you completely focused on the ever-changing landscape.
Could this be your favourite cycling landscape too?

Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Col du Frene (950m)
Epic Ride Route:
Distance 125km/78mi
Ascent 1250m/4100ft
This is a big one and our longest day on the bike together during the Favourite French Alps Cycling itinerary.
If Bridget’s favourites are a little tough for your cycling choice, we also have the less demanding option of the Challenging Alps Cycling Itinerary.
You will feel like your riding your own Tour de France stage with this huge loop, if your like Bridget she prefers the continuous cycling routes rather than the out and back on the same roads. The first half of today’s loop is mostly flat, valley floors all the way to the town of Albertville. We’ll have to stop here to refuel at one of our favourite Tea shops and I’m sure we can squeeze in one of Christophe’s amazing macaroons to keep our legs turning!
The next section of this loop is passing through the Savoie vineyards and these roads are perfect for tempo riding together before we arrive at the base of our days climb. It’s time for the small chainring and the Col du Frene (950m 9.6km @ average 6.9%), climbing alpine cols is about correct rhythm, technique and focus.
Discovery of this and every climb is fun with Bridget and Practice Bicycle Tours.
Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Saint-Jean-de-Sixt
Epic Ride Route:
Distance 90km/56mi
Ascent 1400m/4600ft
If our legs were humming a couple of days ago, this morning they may still be buzzing after our epic cycling route together yesterday. With last night’s opportunity for full recovery, stretching, dinner and sleep, the one perfect location comes into its own league.
Every moment of your Womens French Alps Cycling Tour is focused on quality bike riding and adequate time for relaxation and recovery. It’s how we take ourselves to the next level of cycling.
Don’t worry about the humming legs, it happens to all of us. Small chainring start to the day, comfortable tempo, chatting and looking at the Alps and before you know it we’re back in the cycling groove together.
Bridget included this route into her Favourite French Alps Cycling, as it’s based on a French Cyclo-Sportive event that she often used in her preparations for bigger goals later in the year. Enjoy this amazing cycling into the Grand Alps as you will be riding on the same roads as the famous Tour de France route.
Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Arith
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 65km/40mi
Ascent 860m/2800ft

We can’t get enough cycling together with our Womens Cycling Tours, although we certainly keep trying. We make new friends and discover new levels of our own cycling ability when we experience these great cycling adventures together.
Let’s enjoy one more of Bridget’s rides with your Favourite French Alps Cycling itinerary and a route around the famous mountain of Semnoz. This area surrounding the forest mountain has an unbelievable network of roads that are perfect for cycling. We can’t say we leave the most favourite ride until last because they are all our favourites and undoubtedly they will be your favourite rides also.
The views on our return to Annecy are a priceless way to complete our cycling tour and no picture can appreciate these panoramic images better than with your own eyes, smile and laugh together in the French Alps one more time.

Womens French Alps Cycling Tour Departure Day
Departure Time: Midday
Departure Day and Its unfortunately time for your Womens French Alps Cycling Tour adventures to draw to an end.

PB Cycling Tours wish you ‘Bon Voyage’, safe cycling until we Practice Bicycle together again
Favourite French Alps Cycling Itinerary:
Total Distance 535km/330mi, Total Elevation 6550m/21500ft, Total Number of Cols 6

Challenging Alps Cycling Itinerary

Total Distance 420km/260mi, Total Elevation 4770m/15600ft, Total Number of Cols 7

Challenging Alps Cycling routes each day of 65km/40mi – 75km/47mi suitable for regular riders with moderate climbing.
Womens French Alps Cycling Tour Arrival Day - Col de Tamie (907m)
Arrival Time: Midday
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 75km/47mi
Ascent 510m/1700ft

Welcome to Annecy and your Womens Only French Alps cycling vacation.
This afternoon remove the effects of your travels and start your Challenging Alps Cycling along the shore of the spectacular turquoise waters of Lake Annecy, one of the most exhilarating pedaling experiences in the world.
Our first ride of the tour is the Col de Tamie (907m, 10km @ Average 3.9%) this delightful gentle climb is for everyone and not considered particularly high from an Alpine perspective. The lower slopes wind up past the Château de Faverges before the route flattens into this glacial valley making it the perfect introduction to your Alps cycling holiday.
The gradual terrain gives you plenty of time to enjoy the forest views and the sound of the river on its way to the Grotte et Cascade de Seythenex. Once at the summit get your breath back and enjoy the isolation of your first day in the Alps and the impressive Abbaye Notre-Dame de Tamié.
Take in the breathtaking views as we begin to descend back towards your perfect cycling base for the week, returning to Annecy by the excellent bike path.

Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Col des Fleuries (932m)
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 65km/40mi
Ascent 900m/3000ft
We are always spoilt for choice when it comes to picking and tailoring your Challenging Alps Cycling routes with so many Cols around Annecy some famous others not so well known. It’s also more interesting to see these amazing sights, delights and challenges in every direction, today we are heading North and following the edge of the Alps and the sheer rock face of the Tete du Parmelan.
These impressive panoramas of the mountains are part of your daily ride routine with Practice Bicycle Tours, today is no exception as we climb through the forest of the Col de Frettallaz (670m) and all the splendor of Alpine views. These secret country roads have everything from Chateaux’s to Plateau’s perfect to escape and appreciate all the pleasures from great cycling in the French Alps.
This historic area was a strong hold of the French Resistance during World War 2 and the Plateau Glieres has an impressive National Monument to the Resistance.
The climb of the Col des Fleuries (932m, 5.6km @ average 5%) is your challenge today enjoy the peace and tranquility of this Alpine region and the views of Switzerland in the distance.
Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Mont Prince (650m)
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 75km/47mi
Ascent 850m/2800ft
After yesterday’s ride to the North, today we show you the contrast of this ‘Cycling Paradise’ as we explore some of the undulating roads to the West of Annecy, away from the Grand Alps and to one of France’s main rivers the Rhone.
Gently winding away from town we are on the very best cycling roads in the world and what feels like slightly downhill all the way as we are heading into the next valley dotted with local vineyards and amazing views. It’s only the vertical over hanging rocks of the valley road that separates you from the Rhone River and with the natural site of the Val du Fier we’re in a totally different landscape and area of France the department of L’Ain.
The Rhone is an impressive river system with changes in currents and colors a reflection of the hydro-electric power systems nearby. More impressive are the green shrouded mountains either side, referred to as the pre-Alps and often on the Tour de France routes, your Challenging Alps Cycling Col is one of these the Cote du Mont-des-Prince (696m 6km @ average 6.2%)
With today’s challenge complete enjoy quite traffic free roads returning to Lake Annecy with panoramic views all the way.
Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Col du Marais (843m)
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 65km/40mi
Ascent 540m/1800ft

Today we have chosen one of the Practice Bicycle teams favorite climbs the Col du Marais, this challenge with its constant grade and relatively short duration makes it a French Alps pleasure for all!
This route like many of these amazing rides can be ridden from a variety of directions, we will head south down the valley following the side of Lake Annecy. Ready to take on your own Alps at your pace with the slopes of the Col du Marais (10km @ Average 4%, 843m Altitude), the air is fresh and the views are magnificent and you can experience for yourself why the French Alps are world famous!
Your little taste of the grandeur of the Alps continues descending through the village of Thones, a beautiful town and the center of the famous local “Reblochon” cheese production industry.
With all this cycling effort there is always a reward and today is no different with a favorite cafe and patisserie stop. Enjoy the rest of the ride as it’s nearly all downhill back to Annecy not forgetting unforgettable views all the way.

Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Col des Pitons (1335m)
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 75km/46mi
Ascent 1020m/3300ft

Riding on great roads is not just about the climbing, it’s about the view waiting for you at the top! The Practice Bicycle team are used to great views and can’t wait to share this one with you, with a panoramic view of the city of Geneva, Lake Leman and Switzerland.
Twisting country roads of France warm up the legs before we cross the Pont de la Caille, this medieval bridge was the only way of crossing the river Les Usses and getting to near by Geneva. We can see Mont Saleve waiting for us in the distance and our challenge for the day the Col des Pitons (1335m) 12km @ 4.5% ! It’s 1992 since the Tour de France passed over this climb, although most of the surrounding roads have seen the Grande Boucle in more recent years. This will be the longest Col on your Challenging Alps Cycling itinerary, allowing for plenty of time to enjoy the views and great cycling together.
Get your breath back and make the most of these valuable moments in time with spectacular panoramic views the perfect reward for this great bike ride.

Womens French Alps Cycling Tour - Col de Leschaux (944m)
Challenging Ride Route:
Distance 65km/40mi
Ascent 850m/2800ft
Many of your bike rides from Annecy include Cols that have been included in the famous Tour de France bike race, this is area has many, and we’re not leaving the best ride route until last although you may think so!
Enjoy these scenic slopes and the incredible vista offered of the Lake as the road winds its way upwards, it’s one of the local cyclists’ regular weekend challenges the Col de Leschaux (944m, 3.6km @ average 6.1%). This Col can be climbed from several other directions and just another reason why we call the home of Practice Bicycle Tours, ‘Cycling Paradise’.
It is a fantastic experience on the Challenging Alps Cycling routes, enjoyable, challenging and a great sense of achievement riding these famous Cols, enjoy climbing together one last time to cap off a great week on your Alps cycling holiday.
Womens French Alps Cycling Tour Departure Day
Departure Time: Midday
Departure Day and Its unfortunately time for your Womens French Alps Bike Tour adventures to draw to an end.
PB Cycling Tours wish you ‘Bon Voyage’, safe cycling until we Practice Bicycle together again
Challenging Alps Cycling Itinerary:
Total Distance 420km/260mi, Total Elevation 4770m/15600ft, Total Number of Cols 7

Absolutely! Look for our ‘Rides Only’ package to get on this challenging womens cycling week without using our accommodation.

Arrange your own stay in the beautiful town of Annecy, which has a comprehensive selection of apartment accommodation available and come to the rides just like you would back home!
Each day you will join the PB Cycling Team at a central Annecy meeting point. Meet your ride leader and let the fun begin with a variety of challenging rides in the French Alps all from the one ideal location.

Each of your challenging or Epic rides during your Womens French Alps Cycling Tour will be tailored specifically to your goals and your level of fitness, so every ride will be the best ride of your life.

The ‘Favourites of the French Alps’ itinerary offers an amazing selection of ride routes suitable for the experienced women cyclist.  Offering a combination of amazing challenging and epic rides with distances ranging from between 65 km/40 mi to 125 km /77 mi.

With Bridget and the PB Team riding these wonderful roads since 1998 the ride options are endless with this Womens French Alps cycling holiday. If Bridget’s ‘Favourites of the French Alps’ itinerary is a little to demanding, we also offer the ‘Challenging Alps Cycling’ itinerary with 65 km/40 mi to 75 km/47 mi ride distances each day.

This cycling tour does not include vehicle support/transfers to maintain the greatest value and flexibility to all our cycling guests. Should you require a support vehicle for each days ride, then this can be arranged as an Optional Extra, please contact us for further information.

With Bridget and the team having over 20 years’ experience of riding the amazing network of French Alps cycling roads. Not only do we plan the perfect week of French Alps cycling we also have a unique skill set and unparalleled local knowledge of the roads which allows for the flexibility to alter or shorten ride routes should it be required.

If you prefer a more relaxed, luxury cycling holiday including vehicle support and restaurant lunches, take a look at our Womens Lake Annecy Bike Tours

The Practice Bicycle mantra of Unpack Once, Ride Everyday ‘1 Location Stay’ makes for superb cycling followed by rewarding relaxing, massage/spa treatments or just wandering the enchanting town of Annecy, watch the world go by at one of our favourite bars…
Dependant on availability with our fabulous choice of 4* and 3* Hotel Accommodations in Annecy Centre Ville or the lakeside town of Menthon at the 5*Palace du Menthon, its your choice, the perfect choice for your Womens Challenging Cycling Tour in the French Alps.

Palace de Menthon 5* Hotel on the shores of Lake Annecy 

Le Palace de Menthon 5 Star Hotel on Lake Annecy France          Le Palace de Menthon 5 Star Hotel on Lake Annecy France views of Menthon Castle          Le Palace de Menthon 5 Star Hotel on Lake Annecy France Gastronomique Restaurant

Novotel Annecy Centre 4*Hotel 

Novotel Annecy Centre 4 Star France          Novotel Annecy Centre 4 Star Classic Rooms          Novotel Annecy Centre 4 Star Complete Breakfast Choice

Mercure Annecy Centre 4* Hotel 

Mercure Annecy Centre 4 Star Hotel          Mercure Annecy Centre 4 Star Hotel Classic Rooms          Mercure Annecy Centre 4 Star Hotel Buffet Breakfast

Hotel Campanile Annecy Centre 3*

Hotel Campanile Annecy Centre 3 Star France          Hotel Campanile Annecy Centre 3 Star Standard Room          Hotel Campanile Annecy Centre 3 Star Continental Breakfast

Hotel de Bonlieu 3* Annecy Centre Ville

Hotel de Bonlieu 3 Star Annecy Centre Ville          Hotel de Bonlieu 3 Star Annecy Centre Ville Bedroom          Hotel de Bonlieu 3 Star Annecy Centre Ville Buffet Breakfast

Our Womens French Alps Cycling Tours are located in the ideal cycling destination and the the most beautiful place in France, the town of Annecy. The closest and most convenient airport is Geneva International Airport (Switzerland), which is only a short transfer to Annecy.  See transfer options below;

Air Travel: The two most convenient airports to Annecy are, Geneva Airport (Switzerland) a 45min transfer and Lyon Airport (France) 1.15hrs transfer.
Both these airports are serviced by many International carriers and low cost European airlines.

Train Travel: the Rail Europe TGV network brings you direct to Annecy from many of the capital cities of Europe.

Bus Travel: Public bus transport operates between the airports and Annecy alternatively convenient Taxi and Private transfer services are available.

Car Travel: Many worldwide Car Rental companies are also available and the A41 French Autoroute network will bring you directly to Annecy.

The Womens cycling tour routes are a pick of the best and some of Bridget’s favorite bike rides in the French Alps suitable for experienced women cyclist who wish to enjoy the challenge of cycling in the French Alps.  Experience counts for everything in this amazing part of the cycling world with our itineraries designed, proven and tailored for your ultimate cycling holiday.

The ‘Favourites of the French Alps’ itinerary offers an amazing selection of both challenging and epic ride routes with distances ranging from between 65 km/40 mi to 125 km /77 mi.

We also offer the ‘Challenging Alps Cycling’ itinerary with challenging ride routes of 65 km/40 mi to 75 km/47 mi ride distances each day.

Take a look at the detailed itineraries above and choose your ideal Womens French Alps cycling tour.

PB Tours have over 20 years of French Alps cycling experience, developing an incredible 100+ ride routes exploring in every direction a life time of the very best bike rides ready to share with you.

If you or your group are looking for a Custom French Alps Bike Tour we specialize in tailoring the best cycling experience of your life, Get in touch today!

‘Unpack Once, Ride Everyday’
The one location bike tour experience is the brain child of Bridget Evans (Owner/Operator).  On retiring from professional cycling it was the pure pleasure of cycling that evolved the proven PB Tours philosophy of one location.  Including everything enjoyable and removing the less pleasurable is our goal of your perfect cycling holiday experience.

Packing and Unpacking each day was tiring, stressful and time consuming. With insufficient time to relax, enjoy and experience the place before it was time to move on again.
With a life spent discovering the very best locations to Practice Bicycle, including the discovery of endless ride options exploring in every direction  from the one perfect location.
Experience the very best cycling of your life when you Unpack Once, Ride Everyday!

Practice Bicycle Tours and have significant experience at the highest levels of international cycling, with over 20 years riding on the roads of the French Alps ready to share with you.

This team has extensive coaching knowledge & experience of all cycling ability levels and age groups including teams at professional elite racing level. In addition Owner Bridget Evans a very accomplished bike rider in her own right offers a wealth of cycling knowledge acquired as a professional bike rider on the world tour for over 10 years competing in many prestigious international races with great success.
These unique skills ensure that each of your daily rides make for the perfect cycling in the French Alps experience.

For your added convenience we have quality carbon road bikes as an optional extra available to you with your Womens French Alps Cycling tour.
Many of our guests prefer their own bikes for maximum cycling pleasure. Should logistics and travel arrangements make this too difficult then our bike hire is the perfect solution.
Depending on availability and size we have several brands available including Cannondale, Fuji, Lapierre, Haibike carbon bikes are recent models with Shimano Ultegra or 105 componentry.

Lapierre Ladies Straight Bar Road Bike Shimano Sora triple chainset 50-39-30 12-28T          Cannondale Synapse Carbon Road Bike Shimano compact 50,34 x 12-32          Fuji Quality Carbon Road Bike Hire Shimano compact 50,34 x 12-34          Lapierre disc brake Quality Carbon Road Bike Hire Shimano compact 50,34 x 12-32

Womens French Alps Cycling Tours include:

  • 6 amazing fully guided challenging rides in the French Alps the perfect cycling vacation!
  • 6 nights of quality 4* or 3* hotel accommodation in the heart of the beautiful town of Annecy
  • 6 buffet breakfasts the perfect preparation for a challenging day of cycling
  • Highly experienced PB ride leader, your perfect cycling companion.
  • Sports nutrition & drinks for every great ride

Womens French Alps Cycling Tour Highlights:

  • Experience amazing small group riding together in the spectacular French Alps
  • Fully Cycling Guided with proven ride routes, no maps, GPS or getting lost.
  • Famous Alpine cols of the Tour de France all from your hotel each day
  • Variety of Bridget’s spectacular routes with Favourite French Alps Cycling (535km/330mi) or Challenging Alps Cycling (420km/260mi) choice of itineraries.
  • Sights & delights, Lake Annecy, Grand Alps, Rhone River, Bauges National Park, Val-de-Borne, Savoie Wine Terraces
  • Accomplish more cycling achievements in one week, than you thought possible during your Womens cycling vacation.
  • Fun and friendships all the way, both on and off the bike!
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